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"Big Baby" Fresh off the Boat
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Welcome to Tmansworld’s regular coverage of Fresh off the Boat! As the show returns from winter break, the expectant Honey plotline continues in “Big Baby” as Honey starts attending parenting class. To Honey’s chagrin, this also comes as her mother arrives for a visit.

At the beginning of the episode, the four adults are chatting and Honey and Jessica bth reveal they cannot go on the cruise they won on Wheel on Fortune. Honey says her mom is coming into town and asks for Jessica’s help with her mother since both of them love control. Have no fear about the cruise though, Louis and Marvin say they’ll go on the cruise together.

Later at the Huang household, Honey says she wants to do her nursery in a gender-neutral color, red. The Huangs are concerned that will make her baby Satan. This is not significant for the plot (at least in this episode), but the red color gets a few mentions.

At Eddie’s high school, there’s a new transfer student, Karen, and the guys are all into her. Eddie volunteers to show her to her class and the nice restrooms. Eddie recently broke up with Allison (and then briefly got back together to lie to Evan) so one wonders if the show is setting up some new potential interests for him.

Uncharacteristically late, Jessica meets Honey’s mom. Jessica defangs the mom by first arguing over breastfeeding and then saying that the mom looks “weary” and should nap.

On the cruise, Louis says that he’s enjoying the free cruise and will take full advantage of the all-inclusive nature.

Back on land, Eddie tells his friends that Karen has invited him to lunch. He is not sure if she likes him, so the friends propose the soda test. The soda test is that Eddie opens a soda and takes a sip and then offers it to the girl. If she puts it to her lips, that means she likes him. When Eddie does the test, she “passes” to all of the guy’s joy.

When Honey returns home, Jessica and the mom are bonding over their shared qualities. Honey pulls Jessica to the side and Jessica apologizes to Honey. Once they go out they see the mom has found the parenting class pamphlet and she asks to go as well.

Later, Eddie says that he’s going to the library with Karen and then her house to hang. However, Trent arrives with bad news and says he saw pictures in her locker that indicate she’s only into Eddie because he’s Asian. The show has never been afraid to delve into racial topics, but this seems like an odd path to go down.

Back on the cruise, Louis and Marvin play cards in the cruise casino and quickly lose a good deal of money. Louis then turns to clams in order to make the cruise still financially worth it.

As Eddie and Karen are hanging out, he starts quizzing her with American versus Asian options and she consistently picks the American option. He is relieved and thinks the friends are just jealous.

Jessica and the mom both find the parenting class “garbage” and decide to tell Honey because they have experience parenting. Jessica talks first, but the mom changes course and says she supports Honey with what she wants. Jessica then yells at the mom in the parking lot for changing her mind. Honey stands by Jessica, but leaves out of annoyance. Jessica wants to go after Honey, but the mom leaves to go back to the airport.

In her room, Eddie realizes Karen has a thing for Asians and confronts her about it. Karen says she was actually into him because of his X-Files shirt, but says she’s no longer into him.

Back on the cruise, Louis has eaten sufficient clams to be even and Marvin has gotten a nasty sunburn. Jessica calls to complain about the mom (much to Louis’s surprise because she warned him against calling) and he recommends that she not abandon Honey. Jessica does find Honey and says that she supports her, room color and all.

Eddie shows up to where his friends are and admonishes them for saying that she was only to him because he’s Asian. Finally, Louis comes back home and says he got a full refund on the cruise because a person fell overboard and it was cut short.

Overall, this was an average episode for Fresh off the Boat, but a strong episode of television. The cruise subplot was lacking and it was odd for the mom to abruptly leave. Eddie’s plot also ended abruptly and I wonder if we will see Karen again.


“I’m just drawn to her strong critical energy.”- Jessica on the mom.

Louis eats clams because they’re the most expensive item to get value.

“The baby is saying ‘Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep.’”- the parenting class instructor

“The best feeding schedule is the one your baby designs.”- instructor.

The instructor’s cat peed on the baby dolls so they use cloth and melons.

Jessica wants a large seashell to summon the kids.

Honey craves high density meat when she’s angry.

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