Fullers in a Fog is Solid, but a Downer

Shortly after Fuller House’s first season was released creator Jeff Franklin jokingly said that the Tanner family was cursed because of how two generations saw their spouse pass away at a young age. After this episode, one may have to give that theory a second thought as the Tanner clan gets one stroke of bad luck after another in the penultimate episode of Fuller House season 3 part 2.

Breaking the trend of starting episodes in the kitchen, DJ and Kimmy are sitting in the living room chatting and drinking coffee. Stephanie comes in and says she had a bad dream that Kimmy took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Also in her dream were people having a dance party, an ominous cloud surrounding the house, and a masked man. DJ notes that the greater family is coming for the 30 year dadiversary and that nothing bad happens when the whole family is together. When something bad does happen however, everything is fixed in 30 minutes she says. DJ and Stephanie then have a flashback to the first episode of Full House with Jesse and Joey’s entrances. Jesse and Joey then recreate said entrances from the first episode and Danny also walks in. Kimmy announces to the group that she’ll be carrying Stephanie’s child. Shortly thereafter, Becky walks in carrying Pamela and the luggage. Next Ramona, Jackson, and Max walk in and are overjoyed that Joey’s kids are not there. Finally, the primary Full House group (basically everyone there but Becky, poor Becky) goes for a ride through San Francisco in the same car as the Full House opening. The opening also includes the recreations of the Full House openings for Danny, Joey, Jesse, and Steve which is a nice touch.

Upstairs, Rocki and Jackson are in his room working on homework. They are both bored, so Rocki proposes they make out. Then Ramona asks for love advice and Rocki wants to help (much to Jackson’s chagrin). Ramona says that Marius has been unresponsive and she is worried. Rocki says being upfront is the best and the two girls go off to draft the text message.

Meanwhile Fernando and Jesse are outside as Tommy and Pamela are attempting to have a play date but are fighting instead. Fernando and Jesse are also feuding and compete over dances with their toddlers. Stephanie comes out and realizes this is the first part of her nightmare.

Back inside, Rebecca and Danny are in contract negotiations for Wake Up USA. Jesse is afraid they will ask too much and he’ll lose his nice position as a stay-at-home dad. After the call though, it’s time for DJ’s date! Jesse, Joey, Becky, and Danny surround the stairs in the living room as DJ walks downstairs in her dress, updating the Full House prom scene. Steve walks in and says that a heavy fog has rolled in so they cannot leave. Now the second part of the Stephanie’s nightmare has come true. Then Jesse, Joey, Becky, and Danny say they will prepare a romantic dinner for the new couple.

Jesse is the maitre’d, Danny is the sommelier, Joey is the chef, and Becky is the water waitress. The dinner is fish sticks over mac and cheese. The only bad part is now I’m hungry for mac and cheese.

As the group is cleaning up, Jesse walks down wearing a facial mask (the last part of the dream) and the misfortune comes rapid fire. Becky and Danny learn from their agent they’ve been fired and replaced with Mario Lopez on Wake Up USA. Therefore, Becky tells Jesse he needs to get a real job. Joey then gets a text message saying his wife got a cruise stand-up gig and he’ll be stuck with his children for six months. Then, Ramona walks in and says that Marius broke up with her (here comes Chad Brad Bradley). Rocki says not to worry because she is single and loving life and Jackson is confused. Rocki says that just because they made out does not mean they are dating. Next, Fernando walks in and says that his favorite soda has been discontinued. Continuing on, Steve says that the LA Lakers have offered him a job as their foot specialist, meaning he would have to move away. Tommy and Pamela walk in and they have put gum in each other’s hairs. Max is brought in when CJ says that Rose can’t go with him to the dadiversary party because she blames DJ for ruining the wedding.. Even the eternally optimistic DJ says that the day is terrible and tells the kids to all go to bed (oddly, Rocki goes upstairs as well). Finally, Kimmy says she’s worried she doesn’t think she’s pregnant.

Handle all that? The episode definitely ends on a downer note with the parade of bad news, especially given that DJ noted that everything is resolved in 30 minutes. One of the more interesting ramifications of the bingeing nature of shows now is that we have largely lost intraseason cliffhangers where we would have to wait a week or two for the resolution. Instead, we immediately watch the next episode and everything is resolved. I imagine that will take place in the next episode, the season finale, but I still give this episode props for letting the threats run loose at the end.


“Get a cat!”- Jackson when Ramona asks for love advice.

“I’ve been told my meatloaf is practically prison-quality.”

For a person who did not want to take part, Jesse sells the heck out of his maitre’d performance

“We’re being replaced by a human dimple?”- Becky on being replaced by Mario Lopez.

“Ours is a forbidden love; just like Bert and Ernie.”- Max

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