Fuller House Focuses on Dance and Roller Coasters

Fuller House season 3b is back in the States and the crew is dealing with the resultant jet lag. As they begin to wake up one by one in the early hours (implied to be 3 AM), DJ reveals that she and Steve have not spoken since Japan and Stephanie announces that she has been taking hormone shots for her in vitro fertilization. Kimmy offers to give Stephanie as the shots given that she regularly gives Fernando his allergy shots (among other things, he is allergic to balloon animals). Ramona also gets an acceptance letter from the San Francisco School of Performing Arts, a goal of hers for quite some time.

When we join them, Jackson is measuring Max as the latter wants to be tall enough to ride on the Troller Coaster. After gelling his hair up, he is tall enough and DJ agrees to take him for a mother-son fun day. One knows that DJ is really letting loose because she decides to bring *both* carrot and celery sticks for the day. Crazy times! Max then asks Jackson for advice regarding the ride and Jackson simulates the ride for him. Now concerned, Max asks Jackson to go on the ride and Jackson agrees.

Kimmy, Fernano, and Ramona then return from the SaFSPA campus tour with tour guide Cara still in tow. Fernando for the second episode in a row indulged in the gift shop and is ready to live out Flashdance, water and bucket in all. After the Fernando dances away and Ramona and Cara go upstairs, Stephanie comes in to tell Kimmy she actually does want Kimmy to give the shots.

Upstairs, Cara and Ramona are dancing and Cara is very intense, looking to dance immediately after they conclude a routine. She agrees to take a lunch break, but Ramona is concerned when she sees Cara’s diet revolves around wheat germ and soy. Cara is also shown to be deeply paranoid that the SaFSPA is watching her and looks for cameras and hidden microphones. She passes a note to Ramona to “get out while you still can” and if Ramona wasn’t concerned by the diet and lack of any life outside dance, this does her in.

Downstairs, it is time for Stephanie to get her hormone shot because the kitchen is clearly the correct place for this. Kimmy says that it works best when the patient is distracted, but opens up to Stephanie and says that she thinks Stephanie will make a great mom. She then reveals she did the shot (apparently painless) while praising Stephanie and seems to indicate those remarks were not heartfelt.

At the amusement park,

DJ, Max, and Jackson are in line. DJ details her romantic history to Craig the attendant because why not. After no one volunteers to go with her, she goes in as a solo rider, but Steve cuts the line to join her. Steve insists that they have to talk, so they ride together as Craig calls security over Steve’s cutting. Now up next, Jackson proceeds to panic over the ride and tries to chicken out. He also reveals that he has not done the ride. Max is, however, able to persuade him to by repeating Jackson’s courage advice.

DJ and Steve try to talk, but they are repeatedly interrupted by the ride and resultant screams. Steve is then taken away by security after the line finishes.

Back at home, Stephanie starts to experience the side effects from her hormone shots in some of the cheaper comedy of the episode. Ramona then gets a call from SaFSPA that says there is no spot for her. However, Kimmy and Fernando then find out that Lola called pretending to be SaFSPA so they go and confront Ramona. Ramona reveals that she doesn’t want to go because she wants a more well-rounded experience for school (although Cara’s paranoia that the school is always watching her did not warrant a mention).

Steve then comes back, seemingly on the run from security, to finally talk to DJ. The two agree that they need time before embarking on another serious relationship and agree to start their relationship in a month. Steve leaves, runs back to kiss DJ, and then leaves for real.

This episode overindulged in cheap comedy with Stephanie’s side effects, although many shows fall to the trap of side effect comedy. It succeeded however by focusing on the main pairings, DJ and Steve and Jackson and Max, for emotional and comedic returns. It was also nice to have an episode that was not as concerned with pushing forward the overall plot.


“What am I in the mood for tomorrow night?”- Fernando

Fernando’s ode to Flashdance

“Can’t we start with a little conversation first?” – Stephanie to Kimmy

“I told you not to call me on this banana!” – Kimmy

“She’s a lonely lady with a complicated history”- Craig the attendant on DJ.

“Why am I going up the stairs when my room is in the basement!”- Stephanie

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