Katie Grapples with Greg and Cat on Great News

It is fair to call Great News a spiritual successor to 30 Rock. Not only did creator Tracey Wigfield write for 30 Rock, but the shows themselves feature similarities from being set at a television network to a general absurdist sense of humor. Now I mention those similarities because as we edge even closer to […]

Carol and Katie Remain Stubborn in Strong Great News

Welcome to Tmansworld’s Great News coverage of season 2! We’ll be doing recap reviews for each episode and we’re lucky that NBC took the unusual move of airing new Great News episodes even as other shows were done for the new year. Having found and embraced its quirky voice, season two has been more consistent […]

About Great News

Great News is an NBC sitcom. It premiered on April 25, 2017 and focuses on Katie Wendelson, a producer for an afternoon cable news show, and her mom, the new intern.