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Archives – Tmansworld

Katie Grapples with Greg and Cat on Great News

It is fair to call Great News a spiritual successor to 30 Rock. Not only did creator Tracey Wigfield write for 30 Rock, but the shows themselves feature similarities from being set at a television network to a general absurdist sense of humor. Now I mention those similarities because as we edge even closer to […]

Will & Grace Goes Back to Basics in Stellar Episode

The fact that we are discussing new episodes of Will & Grace in 2018 is not one to easily dismiss and one we should be appreciative of. It is fair to say that the episodes so far in the ninth season have been a mixed bag as the writers have been eager to opine on […]

The Good Place Shakes Things Up, Again

Wowza, this was a heckuva episode from The Good Place. One of the main questions going into the second season was how The Good Place would keep up its high quality after The Great Reveal. To our delight, the second season has been an amazing episode after another. “Leap into Faith” is already in my […]

Big Bang Tries to Find its Wedding Party

Welcome to Tmansworld’s regular coverage of The Big Bang Theory and welcome back from Big Bang’s winter hiatus. The preparations for Amy and Sheldon’s wedding continues and “The Matrimonial Metric” looks to find the best man and maid of honor. Amy wants Sheldon to avoid talking about the wedding because she hasn’t yet picked a […]

Goldberg Girls Assemble in Humorless but Heartfelt Episode

The Goldbergs is technically speaking a sitcom, or situational comedy. Now The Goldbergs has always been a show that has worn its heart on its sleeve but has typically done that while still balancing it out with comedy. “The Goldberg Girls” struggles, however, because of weak plots and a general lack of comedy. The episode […]

Black-ish Brings Bow Back to Work

Welcome back to Black-ish and welcome to Tmansworld’s coverage of Black-ish. The fourth season has been dealing with Bow’s post-pregnancy from her postpartum depression to now her return to work. All in all, “Working Girl” is a strong Black-ish episode that deals with several weighty topics with humor. The episode started with Dre’s recap of […]

"Big Baby" Fresh off the Boat

Honey’s Mom Shows up in Average Fresh off the Boat

Welcome to Tmansworld’s regular coverage of Fresh off the Boat! As the show returns from winter break, the expectant Honey plotline continues in “Big Baby” as Honey starts attending parenting class. To Honey’s chagrin, this also comes as her mother arrives for a visit. At the beginning of the episode, the four adults are chatting […]

Carol and Katie Remain Stubborn in Strong Great News

Welcome to Tmansworld’s Great News coverage of season 2! We’ll be doing recap reviews for each episode and we’re lucky that NBC took the unusual move of airing new Great News episodes even as other shows were done for the new year. Having found and embraced its quirky voice, season two has been more consistent […]

Fuller House season 3b

Fuller House Season 3 Part 2 Ends on Solid Note

As Fuller House season 3 part 2 comes to a close, I can say that this batch, and season 3 as a whole, is the strongest. Since this episode is effectively part 2 of the last episode, let’s quickly recap the misfortune the gang found themselves in. Danny and Becky have lost their jobs hosting […]

Fuller House season 3b

Fullers in a Fog is Solid, but a Downer

Shortly after Fuller House’s first season was released creator Jeff Franklin jokingly said that the Tanner family was cursed because of how two generations saw their spouse pass away at a young age. After this episode, one may have to give that theory a second thought as the Tanner clan gets one stroke of bad […]