Will & Grace Goes Back to Basics in Stellar Episode

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The fact that we are discussing new episodes of Will & Grace in 2018 is not one to easily dismiss and one we should be appreciative of. It is fair to say that the episodes so far in the ninth season have been a mixed bag as the writers have been eager to opine on the current political climate while adjusting the program to the present day. However, “Friends and Lover” is a throwback to the classic Will & Grace episodes that focused on Will and Grace both trying to find a man. Although “Friends and Lover” delivers a twist by making Will and Grace’s lover the same man.

In the television room, Will & Grace are attempting to watch TV. Jack comes in looking for food for his “giggle of gays.” An annoying jingle comes on (Trucks for Tots) and they struggle to turn the television off. Grace wonders when they stopped doing things and Will says he’s open to new things.

Jack and Karen are both in the elevator as she is going to drive him to walk (or more likely Driver is going to take him). They both have the jingle stuck in their head and sing it repeatedly.

Will & Grace are at a cooking class and the instructor is revealed to be the host of Extreme Bread who Will & Grace adore. It is interesting to see Will return to a cooking class given the joy, or lack thereof, he experienced when he went with Jack in season 6’s “Looking for Mr. Good Enough.” Jackson hits on Grace and wants to go out with her. He then proceeds to hit on Will and ask him out as well.

Later, Jack and Will are talking. Will reveals that he slept with Jackson and the jingle is still stuck in Jack’s head. At Starbucks, Karen is still singing the jingle and Grace reveals that she too has slept with Jackson.

We then get to watch two nights with mirrored versions of Jackson with Grace and then Will. Jackson comes out and reveals that he’s sleeping with both. He is also shocked that the two have not discussed this with each other since they, you know, live together.

Karen and Jack are back in the elevator and still singing the jingle. They try to slap it out of each other, but it does not work.

Will & Grace begin to be competitive over who Jackson likes more. Will gets invited to a party and so does Grace. However, the party ends up just being the three of them. Jackson invites both of them into bed, but neither wants to go and they run out.

Finally, Karen and Jack are at the ER. They see Jackson there and realize that Will and Grace are seeing the same man. They are also both delirious from having the jingle stuck in their head for days. Luckily, the idea of Will and Grace being intimate scares the jingle out of their heads.

Overall, “Friends and Lover” is a stellar episode that is like a classic Will & Grace episode. My only complaint would be that Karen and Jack are not given much to do, mainly complaining about the song stuck in their head. However what they are given they excel with, mining every laugh out of their annoyance.


Jackson continually refers to bread and lovemaking as the same.

Grace raises her hand high when Jackson asks who’s horny for bread.

Jack says that the jingle swats away other songs like Lindsey Lohan swats away second chances.

Will’s attempt to scare Jack consists of telling Jack that Riverdale was cancelled.

“Nobody ever heard of the ACLU until the ice bucket challenge.”- Jack

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