Katie Grapples with Greg and Cat on Great News

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It is fair to call Great News a spiritual successor to 30 Rock. Not only did creator Tracey Wigfield write for 30 Rock, but the shows themselves feature similarities from being set at a television network to a general absurdist sense of humor. Now I mention those similarities because as we edge even closer to the eventual Greg-Katie romance, I remind myself how 30 Rock swore off a romance between subordinate Liz and her superior (in terms of the business chain of command), Jack Donaghy.

In the beginning, Greg and Katie are disagreeing over what to lead the show. They show strong chemistry and Carol goes to Chuck to talk about that. Carol is worried that Katie is not willing to fight for Greg and he suggests that they show Katie who she is competing against. Meanwhile Chuck gets into his own mess when BlightBarf says that Chuck and Portia feuded over climate change during a recent newscast.

Carol puts Chuck’s advice into action, so Greg walks into a surprise birthday party and his girlfriend, Cat, is there.

Elsewhere, Chuck and Portia are trying to figure out why BlightBarf thinks Chuck is a right-winger. Justin reveals that Diana had told him to green screen right-wing imagery onto Chuck’s ties, hence the MAGA tie that BlightBarf picked up on.

Katie yells at Carol for intervening (but what else is new). Out in the newsroom though, Cat announces that she’s throwing a surprise karaoke party for Greg. Cat then gets a chance to meet Katie and says that Gregg talks about her all the time. Carol and Cat decide that the four should go to lunch together.

Chuck’s reputation as a Trump supporter is still persisting and Trump supporters are now hounding him for autographs. He is curious as to how he can be seen as balanced again.

At lunch, Cat reveals how she and Greg met. Carol asks digging questions in an effort to separate them, but that backfires as Carol ends up adoring Cat’s stories and her.

In an effort to regain his non biased reputation, Chuck says on-air that he is not biased, but that causes both sides hate him.

Carol says that she is now Team Cat for Greg. Katie is mad at her mom even though she claims to not like Greg. Carol is now claiming that Greg and Cat are soul mates, but Katie says that she is going to win him over. Her efforts to do so are quite unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Chuck has been doxxed and people are sending him glitter bombs. Portia offers to help, but Chuck says that he can handle it.

Greg arrives at Cat’s surprise party and admits that he’s happy with it. The couple (and Carol) sing “You’re the Inspiration” from Chicago.

Back at the office, Chuck is hiding under his desk after death threats are arriving at his house. Portia says that impartiality in the media is dead and he has to pick a side. Chuck protests, but Portia says she has a plan.

Katie serenades Greg with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “That Smell.” She thinks that it works as an inside joke, but he doesn’t remember. It is revealed that Greg actually was not even present for when Katie was thinking of.

On The Rundown, Chuck reveals his opinions and everyone gets confused by them, not knowing where he falls on the political spectrum. The beast being fed, Twitter moves onto other matters.

Carol comes in to check with Katie. Katie admits that she likes Greg and decides to do things her way. She goes and gives him her original binder gift and he admits that she understands him. Carol is back to saying that Katie and Greg are soulmates.

Overall, “Catfight” manages to push forward Greg and Katie’s relationship while wringing out all the laughs they can. Chuck’s subplot is a tale that journalists are going through today, but the show manages to still keep it light while appreciating Chuck’s history. Carol is her wonderful up to eleven self and it was interesting watching her fall in love with Cat so far as to claim that Cat and Greg are soul mates.


Carol and Chuck run out of hallway during their walk-and-talk.

One of Chuck’s green screened ties is an eagle dropping a bomb on Hillary.

Carol’s spit-take

Chuck brings both-sidesism to baseball game cheering as well.

Singing only parts of a song are prohibited by laws

“The four of us are in a love triangle.”- Carol


Standard Countdown tee.

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