The Good Place Shakes Things Up, Again

THE GOOD PLACE — “Leap Into Faith” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Ted Danson as Michael, Marc Evan Jackson as Shawn — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Wowza, this was a heckuva episode from The Good Place. One of the main questions going into the second season was how The Good Place would keep up its high quality after The Great Reveal. To our delight, the second season has been an amazing episode after another. “Leap into Faith” is already in my list of top episodes of the series because of the way it took advantage of the fact that viewers now are not sure if we can trust Michael.

“Leap into Faith” opens on a flashback to the last episode. This seemed to be more just a general reminder than a sign of things to come because, for instance, any romantic feelings between Chidi and Eleanor go largely unaddressed. Back to the present, Shawn is talking with Michael and congratulates Michael on succeeding with The Good Place project. Shawn says that they are expanding the neighborhood project and Michael will oversee it, aka a promotion.

Waiting outside, Tahani and Jason say they should discuss the failed wedding. The four then go into the office and Michael “reveals” that they are in the Bad Place. The four feign shock before Shawn says they will soon be taken to the real Bad Place to have their brains analyzed. Michael says that this is true and they were all duped. Shawn also says that they cannot count on Janet to help them as she is trapped by magnets (limiting their powers). At this point, I’m starting to wonder how to interpret Michael’s comments. He says that the humans have been duped, but is he playing a role because Shawn is present? I don’t know what to think and I’m loving it.

At Ellen’s house, the four are discussing their seeming betrayal. Chidi proposes they give up their information on Michael to Shawn for a reduced sentence. Tahani says that they need to figure out a way to escape to the Medium Place. Finally, Eleanor says they should just ignore all that Michael said and still trust him.

Eleanor argues that they should trust him because Michael mentioned Kierkegaard, she believes, as a sign to trust him. Tahani does not believe this, reasoning that he flipped since he was given his dream job.

Back at Michael’s office, he and Shawn are discussing torture strategies when Vicky storms in. Michael says that no one should talk because if they play their cards right, she too can get a promotion.

Later that day, the community has a comedy roast. Michael roasts Jason as dumb and makes reference to Tahani’s sister and lack of parental approval. Of Eleanor, he calls her a manipulative demon and of Chidi, Michael says that no one likes him and he’s annoying with ethics. Michael’s jabs at the roast actually are quite funny while digging in at each human’s vulnerability.

Later, the crew is tearing down the community and removing their costumes.  Bad Janet is also there as a DJ. Michael finds Janet and whispers to her, leading to Vicky trying to get the handcuffs off of Janet.

The next morning, Vicky goes to tell Shawn of her contributions but the trio see that the humans have apparently escaped to the Medium Place. Shawn punishes Vicky, blaming them. The train with the crew and Shawn leaves and the humans and Janet are revealed to be on the tracks underneath! Michael is overjoyed at seeing his “friends” and is moved to tears. As a result, Eleanor and her trust in Michael is vindicated.

As the group is chatting, Janet is hungover from his magnets. In a flashback, they realized that Derek Portals was a clue from Michael and they went to the train station to think of a plan. They use Derek, Janet’s ex-boyfriend, to drive the train to the Medium Place. The humans also realized that Michael gave them the plan via clues in his roast. Michael reveals that he framed Vicky for their escape as well. The group realizes that they finally able to realize their goal of reaching the true Good Place, but I do notice some faces of concern among the humans.

Finally, Eleanor reveals they sent Derek as a thank you to Eleanor so they can have sex and snort cocaine.

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