Big Bang Tries to Find its Wedding Party

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Welcome to Tmansworld’s regular coverage of The Big Bang Theory and welcome back from Big Bang’s winter hiatus. The preparations for Amy and Sheldon’s wedding continues and “The Matrimonial Metric” looks to find the best man and maid of honor.

Amy wants Sheldon to avoid talking about the wedding because she hasn’t yet picked a maid of honor between Bernadette and Penny. They agree on “pretzels” as the codeword to change the conversation in case it comes up. At Bernadette’s house, Bernadette is still bed-ridden but is doing research for the wedding. Amy panics and throws to Sheldon, but he struggles to change the topic.

Amy comes home unsure what to do about the maid of honors. Sheldon says that his mother wants Georgie to be his best man. Sheldon proposes using quantified data to arrive at their choices so they can make the choice without the responsibility.

At Leonard and Penny’s apartment, Leonard announces he is writing a fictional book. I hope that is not forgotten about in future episodes, could be fun. When the Chinese delivery does not come home successfully, Amy and Sheldon take notes on who best solves the catering dilemma. Howard manages to fix it and Amy and Sheldon are impressed.

On their leaderboard, Penny is in the lead for MoH and Raj is in a slight lead for best man. They also agree to have gender neutral positions and test their friends on certain qualities. They test Raj and Bernadette to see how well they keep secrets. Bernadette manages to keep the secret. For getting to the ceremony on time, Leonard fails when he refuses to take Sheldon to the train sale. On ‘how well do they know us,’ Penny remembers Amy’s relative and her issues very well.

Amy says they should test for dealing with cold feet. Sheldon says she is right to worry. Sheldon tests Wolowitz on this.

At Leonard and Penny’s apartment, all of the friends have been given a puzzle to see how well they can seat family members. Also they got plastic rings they were supposed to keep safe. Penny, Leonard, Raj, and Howard realize that they are being used and go over to confront Amy and Sheldon. They all then say that they don’t want to be in the wedding.

Sheldon goes to talk to the comic book store and Stuart volunteers to be Sheldon’s best man.

At the university, Sheldon then goes to apologize to the other guys. He says that Stuart will be the best man, but they can still come. They encourage him to choose who he truly wants.

Leonard comes home to say that Sheldon asked him to be his best friend. Penny realizes that Amy is her best friend. Penny goes over to talk with Amy at her apartment who has seemingly just agreed to make Bernadette her maid of honor. Penny says Amy is her best friend and Amy chooses her.

At the end, the group is all eating together. Sheldon says that Stuart can be maid of honor but then realizes he already told Hailey she could be. Finally, Penny goes to tell Bernadette of Amy’s choice.

Overall, this was a stronger than average episode that focused on the group dynamics. The guys have a standard “Sheldon irks them and has to apologize” plot and Penny acknowledges that Amy is her best friend.


Sheldon flounders in an attempt to change the topics.

Sheldon declined his mother’s LinkedIn invitation.

Stuart suggests Claritin for his best man gift.

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