Carol and Katie Remain Stubborn in Strong Great News

GREAT NEWS — “Love Is Dead” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Judith Roberts as Grammy, Andrea Martin as Carol — (Photo by Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Welcome to Tmansworld’s Great News coverage of season 2! We’ll be doing recap reviews for each episode and we’re lucky that NBC took the unusual move of airing new Great News episodes even as other shows were done for the new year. Having found and embraced its quirky voice, season two has been more consistent and strong than season one and “Love is Dead” is no exception.

At the end of the last episode, Katie broke up with her New York Times reporter boyfriend and when she walks in on this episode, mama Carol is there to check in. For added measure, Carol has also brought one of Katie’s old teen magazines that she used to read. Katie says she is doing fine, but is a bit jaded and says that all relationships end. Carol counters by bringing up her and Dave and Grammy and Grandpa. I believe this is the first we have heard of Carol’s parents, so that does not seem like a good sign.

Elsewhere, Justin walks in with coffee and Chuck is curious about where he got it from. Meanwhile, Portia is annoyed because she sat on a man at a club and the tabloids have now accused her of cheating. In spite of that, she agrees to go to a club with Katie, who is looking to rebound. The writers have really been pushing the Katie-Portia relationship (not sure I would go so far as to say friendship quite yet), but they need to find more for the duo to do than just go to parties and clubs.

As the expert reporter he is, Chuck is able to track down Justin’s coffee shop. No, just kidding, he walked by and happened to find it. Pure coincidence is much more the Chuck Pierce style. We also see why Justin is so secretive about the coffee shop, he is quite flirtatious with the barista. Chuck walks in and he is also quite flirtatious with the barista. She is slightly starstruck by Chuck which Chuck, of course, loves.

Back at the office, Carol walks in to say that her parents are divorcing (yep) and laments that she’ll have to celebrate two Christmases. The episode gets a lot of work out of Carol’s reaction to the divorce and it mostly works.

Eventually, Carol brings Grammy to the newsroom so she can have her own new beginning. Ah, The Breakdown, home of second chances. Carol wants Grammy to have an internship (at 90) and begs Greg to give Grammy an interview. Katie confronts Carol and says she is in denial, but Carol says they should go shopping. Carol also tries to find Grammy a new man on Tinder which means that there are two members of the family on Tinder.

On The Breakdown, Justin cuts Chuck’s Chuck Cares segment on rural America to show him as insensitive and aloof. Chuck confronts Greg about Justin’s actions and says it is either him or Justin. In one of the dumber decisions Justin has made, he agrees that it should be him or Chuck. Greg makes the rational decision (star anchor versus lowly editor?) and fires Justin.

That night at the club, Katie is striking out and Portia wants to leave. However, Carol arrives with Grammy and Angie Deltaliano. Katie is annoyed at her mother arriving and goes to confront Carol. That backfires when she yells Carol’s in denial that Grammy is going to die. The club goes quiet and Carol and Grammy leave.

The next day, Katie goes to talk to Portia. Portia complains that she can’t go out without someone watching her and therefore does not enjoy clubs anymore.

In the editing bay, Greg has hired Doug to be Chuck’s new editor. When Chuck has a chat with him, Doug refuses to do many of the edits Justin had done, like editing out Chuck’s pores. Chuck then realizes that Justin had made those edits as a friend, not a co-worker. That is certainly one way of looking at it, but Doug also seems like a jerk who wants to do the bare minimum. But friendship!

Off at Carol’s house, Katie brings Pop Pop back to Grammy, but Grammy does not take him back. Carol confronts Katie and says that just because she gave up on life, not everyone has to. They then look around and see that Grammy has escaped and is trying to drive away. After giving a mailbox a love tap, Grammy finds an old love from the war and it all works out. Never one to miss out on a life lesson, Carol reminds Katie to not give up on happy endings.

Chuck finds Justin and apologizes for stealing Hayley. Chuck buys Justin two tickets to Paris… Jackson’s talk show taping and the two go to Hayley’s coffee shop. They stop at the entrance, seeing that Hayley is getting married inside. Welp.

In the tag, Katie finally listens to Portia and brings her to the senior living center so she can dance without anybody watching (cell phones are banned because they mess with the pacemakers).

Overall, “Love is Dead” was a strong episode that managed to show the similarities of Carol and Katie (their stubbornness) while also showing how those similarities are filtered through their different personalities (Carol’s relentless optimism to Katie’s general pessimism). The Justin and Chuck subplot was a unique and humorous pairing and ended on a nice joke that service workers are nice to everyone. That does remind me of a classic Colbert Report segment on a similar topic.


Where I’ll highlight the funniest lines and moments of each episode.

Carol says there will be a Law & Order SVU episode if Katie has a one-night stand. However, she is more concerned as to who will play her.

Despasitio’s dirtier sequel

“Please just say yes while my mommy’s not listening.”- Katie to Portia

Katie finds Pennyworth on Tinder and slides right.

“Looks like you’ve got everything out of control.”- Katie to Carol

Rest in Peace Honey Nut Cheerios Bee, 51.


Justin oftentimes references other past news programs with his clothing.

Regular Connie Chung Tonight Jacket

Hannity and Colmes Tee

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