Fuller House Season 3 Part 2 Ends on Solid Note

As Fuller House season 3 part 2 comes to a close, I can say that this batch, and season 3 as a whole, is the strongest. Since this episode is effectively part 2 of the last episode, let’s quickly recap the misfortune the gang found themselves in. Danny and Becky have lost their jobs hosting Wake Up USA to Mario Lopez and Jesse now has to find a job. Joey’s wife has gotten a six month gig doing stand-up on a cruise, so he will be stuck with his children. Steve has gotten an offer to be the Los Angeles Lakers’ foot doctor which would require a move. With the kids, Ramona’s pop star boyfriend broke up with her and Jackson is dismayed when Rocki says they’re not dating. Most importantly, Kimmy fears that the in vitro process has not worked and she is not pregnant.

First off, a quick note that this episode also had the extended intro like the last episode. Now onto the actual episode. Kimmy still doesn’t think she’s pregnant, but is stopping by the doctor to get it double-checked.

Downstairs, Joey, Jesse, Danny, and Fernando wake up together in Stephanie’s bed. Don’t worry about him, Steve is sleeping on the floor. Fernando quickly recaps the three’s misfortunes and the trio decides to take charge of their lives. Danny says he and Becky will try to get their old jobs back while Jesse and Joey will think of an idea. My first thought was that they could be restart their advertising company, Double J Creative Services, although they could also go back to their radio show, The Rush Hour Renegades, or even The Smash Club.

Up in Ramona’s room, Jackson comes in to say that Rocki’s kiss meant nothing and Ramona is a “friend-snatcher” before dramatically storming out (all part of the to-do list!).

In the living room, DJ and Steve are talking about his possible new position. Lonzo Ball stops by to try to convince Steve to take the Lakers position. He also shows his foot to win him over. Big Baller Brand? More like Big Foot. DJ also takes off her shoe and Steve misses the easy lay-up (get it?) to pick DJ. DJ and Lonzo then do a push-up contest (DJ is quite impressive, especially with the one-footed push-ups) and Steve picks DJ over the Lakers.

Jimmy comes over in an effort to cheer up Stephanie. He brings a milkshake and four kittens to smuggle with. They also mention adoption as a possibility in case Kimmy is not pregnant.

In the kitchen, Danny is cleaning and Max comes down depressed because of Rose (and is continuing the Romeo and Juliet comparisons). They really missed an opportunity for a “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” reference. Danny gives him chocolate milk shots. Becky says that the station wants her back (not Danny) for a women’s talk show, The Gab, while Jesse and Joey have bought back the Smash Club. They decide to have the dadiversary party at the Smash Club and have it 80s theme. Stephanie and DJ announce a special guest for Danny, Vicky Larson!

Vicky and Danny catch up and Danny invites her to the dadiversary party.

The gang finally heads to the Smash Club, which is now a laundromat, for the party. Conveniently, the Rippers are there doing their laundry. Jackson apologizes to Ramona and Rocki for his outburst. Rocki and Jackson agree to be friends who just occasionally make out. Steve shows up and DJ tells him that she accepted the Lakers job on his behalf because it is his dream. With that, another six months until Stej (Deve?). Rose arrives and says that she has one hour to spend at the party. As everyone’s bad luck is getting resolved, Fernando gets the last of his favorite soda in the vending machine.

Jesse and the Rippers (there’s a band name that hasn’t been written in twenty years) sing “What I Like About You.” DJ and Stephanie give a quick speech to thank Jesse and Joey. Jesse announces his family is moving back to San Francisco and Joey says the same for his family. Danny says he’ll move back as well and back into his old house (and his old room as well). Stephanie sings “You Bring Me Luck” and Kimmy reveals that she is indeed pregnant with a “Your Baby on Board” sign.

With this episode finished, we come to the end of another Fuller House season. A fourth season has not yet been announced, but I have to imagine it will be soon. This season finale wrapped up the major threads of the season while setting up some exciting possibilities for the next season. This episode succeeded with some strong lines (there’s a particularly long “Things That Made Me LOL” section for this one) and had heavy heart.

I’ll have a half-season review, so you can look forward to that.


“You sound like a leafblower with a deviated septum.”- Joey on Jesse’s snoring.

“I’m the number two pick again”- Lonzo.

“Mom said we had to use the other bathroom because you were crying in the shower.”- Max to Danny.

“Most of us have jobs!”- Becky, Joey, and Jesse.

“I wonder what Urkel’s up to?”- DJ after they were able to track down Vicky.

“No, I doubt those guys are still alive.”- Danny on the Rippers.

Jesse and Joey paid cash for the Smash Club. Wowza.

“Some lady named Madonna. She wore a lot of crosses so I’m guessing she was a religious leader”- Rose.

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