Uncomfortable Moments Weigh Down Fuller House

Fuller House season 3 part 2 has seen its fair share of romantic subplots, but Happily Ever After takes the cake as all three of the major plots have elements of romance.

When we start off, Kimmy and Stephanie are in the kitchen prepping dinner. Kimmy got the embryos inserted that day, so she is laying on the floor and prepping the carrots. We can even see that the refrigerator has a countdown calendar to Steve and DJ’s first date and it seems all of Steve’s pictures were taken in the Fuller kitchen. Ramona walks in and says she is organizing the homecoming dance. This does seem like a good deal of responsibility for a freshman (especially since there does not seem to be any greater committee involved), but we digress. Jackson and the always uncomfortable Mankowski  then enter. Mankowski asks DJ to the homecoming dance and Mankowski doesn’t understand DJ’s repeated efforts to say no. Mankowski asks Jackson if he’s asked Rocki to the dance yet, but when Jackson asks her Ramona calls the dances antiquated.

Gibbler Style has a new client, Dakota, who is the biggest tastemaker in the Bay Area. She also happens to be in Max’s class and have a crush on him. She is quite flirty, but awkward, around Max and he quickly grows uncomfortable as well. Dakota has hired Gibbler Style for her fairy tale-themed 10th birthday party. The she-wolves dress up as the fairy god mothers to demonstrate the dresses, but Dakota insists that they be the fairy god mothers for her party as well.

Later, the she-wolves and Max are getting ready. Max is dressed as a prince and Dakota has said she is going to be a princess, so this is probably not going to go well for Max. Ramona comes down in her dress and says the homecoming theme is “Best homecoming dance ever!” That seems like a poor theme choice with such high expectations, but oh well.

Fernando and Tommy race against Cosmo out in the living room. This doesn’t add anything to the plot, but it’s adorable and I enjoyed it.

Over at Bayview High, Rocki ends up showing up to homecoming to make fun of it. Ramona tries to pump up the crowd, but nobody is feeling it (the homecoming football game loss probably didn’t help matters). Nobody wants to dance either and Mankowski is annoyed that DJ stood him up. Everybody’s (least) favorite Chad Brad Bradley comes onstage to say that his house is empty and his fridge full of beer. As a result, everyone, minus Ramona, leaves for his house party. Chad Brad Bradley also says that Ramona should not show up on Monday if she planned the dance.

Now disappointed, Ramona comes home and sees Tommy’s juice spilled so she starts cleaning it on the floor as the fairy god mothers walk in. Ah, Cinderella! She reveals what happened and asks for Kimmy’s help. The three fairy god mothers use their strengths to help, but somehow Stephanie’s past career as a DJ does not come into play.

The gym has been completely redecorated with the materials from Dakota’s party (in exchange, Dakota got to come with Max as her date). The theme also changes to Happily Ever After and Ramona has a different dress. Thanks to the she-wolves calling the police on Chad Brad Bradley’s party, everyone comes back. It does seem a little odd though that Jackson went to the rager and DJ does not say anything to him (at least on-camera).

Gia also arrives and Girl Talk reunites to perform The Monkees’s “I’m a Believer.” Chad Brad Bradley shows up to apologize (apparently the police were willing to let him go scot-free) and asks Ramona to dance. He doesn’t believe Ramona’s long-distance boyfriend story, but Ramona agrees to a dance. Fuller House has an unfortunate tendency to make any male and female who interact in more than one episode into a couple, so we will probably see more of the always smug Chad Brad Bradley. It is also unfortunate because Ramona went from the cheating and morally dubious Popko to the smug and dismissive Chad Brad Bradley. Jackson also gets his dance with Rocki as well. Steve then runs in and once the clock strikes midnight kisses DJ because they have officially started dancing. The long-wait is over!

Overall, this was a strong episode that dovetailed the Gibbler Style and homecoming subplots. Ramona and Jackson’s next steps should be interesting to see and I fear what will occur next with Ramona and Chad Brad Bradley. Mankowski was still uncomfortable to watch with his persistence, but the worst part is that the comedy is getting diminishing returns with the same basic joke over and over again.


“Usually getting pregnant is a lot more fun.”- Kimmy

“You realize the way this is going — I could be your dad.”- Mankowski (uncomfortable, but humorous).

Wasn’t incredibly hilarious, but Fernando and Tommy’s race with Cosmo was a highlight of the episode.

“Gibblers don’t give up when parties goes down the toilet. They grab a plunger and start plunging!”- Kimmy

Steve’s calendar was also some great prop comedy in the background. True to form, each day of the countdown had a corresponding number of food items. There were three cobs of corn then two coconuts and finally one banana.

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