Rare Character Behaviors Carry Fuller House

Fuller House season 3 part 2 is marching towards its conclusion and I feel it is safe to say that this season has been the series’s strongest yet. We have not seen the greater Full House family appear in this half-season yet and that may be why. The episodes that focus on the Fuller House crew are almost consistently better than those that feature the Full House guest stars. Now, let’s get things started with “Soul Sisters.”

When “Soul Sisters” first begins, Kimmy is singing Christmas carols and preparing Christmas dinner. Given that this half-season was released on December 22nd, I started to wonder if this would be our Christmas episode. Alas, that is not meant to be as it is pointed out that it is November. Kimmy explains that Christmas dinner is Fernando’s favorite and she is going to break the news to him that she is going to be Stephanie’s surrogate mother (using food to discuss pregnancy is a recurring theme in the Full House family). When Kimmy tells Fernando she is going to have a baby, Fernando is overjoyed that the two of them are having a baby. However, Kimmy explains that it is actually Stephanie and Jimmy’s and Fernando is still happy. Kimmy then decides she wants to spend the entire day with Stephanie, labelled Super Surrogate Soul Sister Saturday. DJ has the day off from work, so she has DJ’s Day of Doing Diddly. DJ is not only big on naming things, but alliterations.

In the living room, Ramona is trying to take pictures to send to Marius (they remember he exists!). Jackson throws the basketball at Max and seems to break Max’s laptop. Max throws the basketball and breaks off the Ancient Mariner statue’s head. Ramona says she can fix it. Even though I understand that the Ancient Mariner is important, shouldn’t there be some concern over Max’s laptop breaking?

Outside, Kimmy and Stephanie are in a hot tub drinking wine and shooting oysters. Kimmy promises Stephanie that once she’s carrying, the two will spend the nine months together.

Back inside, Max has donned a costume to appear like the Mariner statue is not broken. Fernando and Tommy come in alongside two workers who are carrying a package. Fernando says he bought Tommy a big boy bed and agrees to build it since DJ is having a day off. Tommy notices Max is standing in the Mariner position, but Fernando and DJ do not notice making them less observant than Tommy and Cosmo the dog.

Harry Takayama then shows up with (half-priced) chocolates in an attempt to woo DJ, beginning one of the more uncomfortable subplots. It is surprising to see Harry because in season one he was getting married so we see how that worked out. Speaking of uncomfortable, Mankowski walks in with the same chocolates in order to win over DJ. Mankowski’s interactions with DJ are uncomfortable to begin with but the writers also seem to let them go longer than they need to be.

The Super Surrogate Soul Sister Saturday continues on as Kimmy and Stephanie return from the store decked in matching outfits. Kimmy connects the two of them with a spiritual umbilical cord (or rope). The two channel their spirit animals (Kimmy is a peacock and Stephanie is a gazelle). They then open up to each other with favorite memories and deepest fears. Stephanie reveals she’s afraid that the process will not work and she will never be a mom while Kimmy says hers is turtles with hats. It is a nice moment that combines Stephanie’s heavier moment and lightens it with Kimmy.

Outside, DJ is enjoying the hot tub and wakes up to see Harry and Mankowski are there. Steve then walks in with a dozen roses and DJ quickly recaps her relationship history with Steve to the two hot tub gentlemen. DJ tells Harry to leave and Mankowski leaves because his mom sent out an Amber alert. As Steve and DJ hug, Matt walks in to come talk to DJ. Steve and Matt rekindle their friendship (and that better be the only relationship with Matt that is rekindled) and then Matt reveals that he’s going to start his own competing pet care clinic. Steve, being the lovable goof he is, volunteers to help Matt set up the clinic.

Back inside, the head is ready to be glued back on but DJ walks in. As DJ inspects the Ancient Mariner, the head falls off and DJ puts the trio under her stare to get to the truth. No worries though, DJ says she finds the statue creepy and only keeps it because of Grandpa Danny.

Now at night, Tommy’s bed is built and he’s ready for his first night of sleep in the new bed. Then upstairs Kimmy and Stephanie do the Miss Susie rhyme as a teambuilding exercise. Stephanie reaffirms that she’s happy to have Kimmy as her surrogate mother. Finally, DJ walks up, sees the two, and the she-wolves do the Miss Susie rhyme together.

This was a strong episode that succeeded because of the characters. Tommy and Fernando’s friendship has quickly become the most adorable part of the show. Kimmy and Stephanie’s interactions have also been quality comedy and now we are getting to find the heart as well. Max, however, struggled in this episode. Max does best when his nature contrasts with others’ or when he is stubborn in pursuit of a typically good goal (like when he was persistent on going to school despite being sick). In this episode, he oftentimes comes off as whiny and helpless, relying on Ramona to fix his mess.


“Before you get too excited, you should probably know that the baby is not yours.”- Kimmy

“The father is my brother.”- Kimmy

“I went to the very first one back when he was just Burning Boy.”- Kimmy

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