Fuller House Looks to Its Past and Future

As Fuller House season 3 part 2 progresses along, “A Tommy Tale” is a nice break from the other episodes that focused on moving the plot forward. It also gives a chance to experiment with some rarer pairings (DJ and Tommy and Stephanie and Max) while utilizing one of the best (Ramona and Jackson).

DJ is prepping Tommy for his interview for the Center of Discovery, a prestigious preschool in the Bay Area. Max comes downstairs and is ready to give a report on Ancient Rome in school that day, but he has fallen with a fever and has to miss school to his chagrin. Ramona and Jackson walk in and are dressed up as pioneers for their school’s Pioneer Day. As a result, they have to turn in all of their digital devices (including Ramona’s hidden 3DS XL) and, in Max’s case, Doritos. Ramona makes a bet with her mother that Kimmy won’t be able to go the day without her devices and Kimmy agrees to the challenge. DJ then agrees to lock them all in a drawer.

It is then time for Tommy to have his interview with Miss Emily of the Center of Discovery. Tommy stumbles early on, struggling to point to his head and nose (but ends up picking his nose).

Upstairs, Jackson is trying to persuade Stephanie to let him go to school. Jackson appeals to Stephanie’s “cool aunt” nature and reputation to help him break out. Stephanie almost agrees for all of $20. Max sends her off to get a financial report while he plans his next move.

In the city, Ramona and Jackson get lost after Jackson didn’t know what time it was and Ramona got them on the wrong city bus since neither had their phones. The two use up all of their 50 cents at the broken payphone, but a stranger drops money into Jackson’s cap.

Back at the house, Kimmy is struggling with losing her cell phone and looks to replicate the digital world physically by crushing actual pieces of candy with a mallet and sending text messages via a sticky note.

Cutting back to Ramona and Jackson, the duo have started singing and dancing on the sidewalk to get change. A cop comes to stop the two of them and bring them home.

Elsewhere in the house, Tommy and DJ have changed into track suits to do their gymnastics routine, but Miss Emily spots Max trying to escape down the side of the house. DJ stops him and sends him back upstairs. Immediately after DJ says her children don’t have problems, the aforementioned cop shows up with Ramona and Max. He agrees to take them to Bayview (after donuts of course) and that’s one plot resolved.

Upstairs, Stephanie is reading the financial report to what she thinks is Max but is really Cosmo in a wig and pajamas. Stephanie assures the disappointed Max that she has an idea to solve Max’s problem.

DJ returns downstairs and Miss Emily says that Tommy is behind on his speech abilities and recommends a speech therapist so Tommy can join Center of Discovery in the spring. DJ is dismayed at the news and quickly moves into denial that Tommy has any problems with his speech. She shoos Miss Emily and says that Tommy will go to the cheaper and more inclusive preschool instead.

Stephanie’s idea is to FaceTime Max into his class so he can deliver his report. This would be the second time Stephanie has used FaceTime to fix an issue with Max after season one’s Mad Max.

Kimmy is struggling with her digital abstention and is trying to break the lock on the desk to get her devices back. DJ reveals that she moved the location awhile back, expecting this to happen. Stephanie comes downstairs and she and DJ talk over a grape plate and wine (in the afternoon!). DJ blames herself for Tommy’s speech difficulties, but Stephanie says DJ should not blame herself.

Finally, DJ goes up to talk to Tommy and says he’ll get speech help and then join the Center of Discovery in the spring.

Overall, this was a solid episode that focused on the character dynamics. Kimmy’s digital plot was humorous, but had little pay-off. How Fuller House deals with Tommy’s speech therapy will be interesting to watch. Also a side note, the Messitt twins revealed on their Instagram page that they went through speech therapy in real-life as well. Fuller House is not a show to introduce a plot line and quietly forget about it (unless it’s Ramona’s pop star boyfriend).


“Morning Plebians — that’s what the Romans called the lower class.”- Max

“Just treat me like a friend— a friend that comes into your home and judges you and your child.”- Miss Emily

“Ooh, I guess it’s cordless.”- Ramona, seeing that the payphone phone does not have a cable.

“Now I know how I’ll pay for college.”- Ramona

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