Fuller House Goes Back to Bayview High

As Fuller House season 3b continues its plot and begins to move on from the events of Japan, it is time to go back to school. Ramona and Max are starting high school and going to Bayview High, the same high school Kimmy and DJ attended during Full House.

In the kitchen, Fernando says he is heading off to the first race of the season. Stephanie and Jimmy then return from the fraternity clinic where Jimmy apparently had a great time. Jackson and Mankowski come in and Mankowski, in his typical uncomfortable way, assures DJ that she will remain the one for him even as he meets many new females. Lola and Ramona come down and reveal Lola is moving. She asks for a group hug with the family and Jackson holds on a bit too long. She then leaves (one person yells “See you later!” Which seems odd for someone who is leaving). Jackson says Ramona is welcome to hang with him and Mankowski, but she declines as she assures them that she will make the dance team and have a new crew of friends.

At the school, Ramona is at dance team try-outs and team captain Chad Brad Bradley walks in and I immediately hate this smug character, complete with what seems to be a gold class ring. Chad Brad Bradley also speaks in the third person occasionally in case you needed any more reason to dislike him. Also, the show criticizing a character for a love of 90s music is a bit rich given the frequent odes to that era. Ramona is then cut from the team for criticizing Chad Brad Bradley.

At Harmon-Fuller Pet Care, Matt finally returns and reveals he went to the islands following his breakup with DJ. As a result, he has decided to quit his job as a veterinarian and live out his days on the islands selling snorkels and tacos. DJ correctly guesses that he is still reacting to their breakup, but he declines to have any sort of conversation about that event. Speaking of events from two episodes ago, what happened to Ramona’s pop star boyfriend??

Back at the high school, Jackson, Mankowski, and Rocki are in the cafeteria as Mankowski says he loves that the pudding is bottomless. Rocki warns Jackson not to start off as a dork because he’ll graduate as one and Jackson says not to worry as he’ll rule the school one day. He immediately then slips and falls. The students gather around to laugh and take pictures of Jackson and the cafeteria monitor rushes in to put protective cones around Jackson and reveal he slipped on a piece of bologna covered in mayonnaise. Bologna Boy starts to trend and Mankowski leads the crowd in a group selfie.

Ramona and Jackson return home to Max who has made cookies for their first day. Jackson complains about his day (which does not surprise Max), but Max is confident that Ramona had a great day. She details her bad day and Max is flabbergasted. He then decides, alongside Kimmy, that they need to meddle in order to help Ramona.

At the pet care clinic, Matt has his foot out the door (never been a fan of Matt and this episode largely reenforced my negative views) and is ready to leave. His leaving is impeded when someone drops off a alligator and DJ and Matt find themselves trapped on the table in the inspection room. They work together to turn on the air conditioning (thinking that the cold air will make Kathy the alligator go to sleep) and hug after DJ almost falls off. If this show tries to bring back the love triangle, I’m chucking whatever player I’m using for Netflix out a window (and yes, I know I’m saying this as a person whose side in the Steve versus Matt war seemingly won).

Rocki and Jackson are back in the cafeteria and Jackson is afraid to show his face, asking Rocki to get him a meatball sub so he can eat in the janitor’s closet. Rocki says he should not be worried and reveals that she spread a rumor that he was the best kisser in the school. Jackson is overjoyed, but runs into trouble when a girl does not believe the rumor. She demands that Jackson kiss her to validate the rumor, but Rocki instead volunteers to kiss him instead just as he is about to kiss the girl. That is a bit of a surprise given Rocki and Jackson’s platonic friendship but really shouldn’t be given the show’s tendency to make any female and male youth that interact more than once into a couple. Rocki is apparently taken aback by his kissing ability (and that is a real sentence I wrote in 2017). Jackson says Ramona was good as well and Rocki replies, “I don’t need a man to validate me” and punches Jackson to the audience’s applause.

Matt and DJ manage to escape Kathy after Matt drops his shirt over her eyes (and yes, he already has custom Matt’s Snorkel and Taco Shop tank tops). DJ asks him to reconsider leaving and Matt says he doesn’t think he can continue to work with her given their past. Matt then says he needs more time to think and DJ agrees to work solo for some more time.

Back at Bayview High’s cafeteria, Max, clad in a hip hop disguise, joins Ramona at the lunch table to her disbelief. Kimmy, wearing almost the same outfit, also arrives. Kimmy challenges Chad Brad Bradley to a dance-off on Ramona’s behalf and the two dance teams “assemble.” If you’re wondering what the Avengers equivalent of a dance team is like, don’t. Chad Brad Bradley falls during a move and he surrenders, letting Ramona on the team. The entire cafeteria, minus Chad Brad Bradley, then takes part in Kimmy’s Gibbler Gallop.

We then head back to the Fuller household where Stephanie gets the call that she and Jimmy have three viable embryos. Everyone is very excited and Stephanie gives Jimmy one last chance to back out. He borrows Tommy’s block ring to combine a proposal with wedding vows to assure her he’ll always be there “until never do us part.” Kimmy responds by throwing rice (Krispies).


“Choreog, the -og makes it cooler.”- Chad Brad Bradley

“Matthew Harmon just needs Matthew Harmon”- Matt

“I’m going back to the islands to open a snorkel and taco shop called Matt’s Snorkel and Taco Shop” – Matt

Mr. Byenberg’s over-the-top safety protocol whenever someone falls in the cafeteria

Fernando’s insistence on the expression being “elephant in the room”

“You already dropped me in Japan”- Matt

“Mankowski, yell ‘Happy New Year,’ it puts me in the mood!”

“Whaddya haters looking at?”- Max to the group of girls

“I’m ADD and down with OCD”- Kimmy

“I don’t remember you ordering, but you just got served.”- Kimmy

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