Fuller House Focuses on Family in Rocky Episode

After two episodes in Fuller House’s season 3 part 2 that were lighter on overall plot material, Surrogate City brings us back to Stephanie’s attempts to have a child and Jackson’s budding romance with Rocki.

First, Max and Jackson come downstairs. Jackson is wearing ripped jeans and gothic clothes. After taking off his hat (no hats at the table, DJ warns him), he is shown having blue hair. DJ wonders why he choose that outfit, but once Rocki walks in they all realize why. Due to her immensely personal dislike of Gia, DJ blames her for this. Jimmy then runs in and reveals that he and Stephanie are interviewing potential surrogate mothers that day with their rigorous criteria (the main question is whether or not they believe in Sasquatch).

Fernando then returns victorious from his race and Ramona walks in with the results of their ancestral test. Fernando and Kimmy think they know their roots completely and are surprised to learn they have Jewish and French lineage, respectively.

Downstairs, Jimmy and Stephanie begin the interviews. The first woman is already carrying someone else’s baby and the second woman tricked the parole board into thinking she’s not crazy. However, the main problem for Jimmy is that she thinks Sasquatch is fake, failing Jimmy’s crucial test; the third woman is a chain smoker. Gia stops by to talk to DJ and they reveal Rocki and Jackson are affecting each other (Rocki is now brushing her teeth and doing homework). Gia volunteers to be the surrogate mother but Stephanie rejects her when Gia is looking to still drink during pregnancy. Gia-as-the-surrogate is an emotional roller coaster as at first we think it would be sweet for Gia to be the surrogate for one of her best and longest friends but then realize that that would be a terrible idea.

Meanwhile, Max is aghast when he returns from the farmer’s market (he apparently has quite a bit of freedom) and the room is a mess. DJ comes in and confronts Jackson over his new attitude, but he says this is the new him. She responds by saying that while he is under her roof, he is under her rules. Ah, classic.

In the kitchen, Kimmy is acting as if she just googled “How to act French” with all the resultant stereotypes and dress. Fernando then walks in speaking Yiddish. Ramona tries to get them to stop, but they say they were only trying to help. It seems like a sweet gesture, but I also have no idea how their dressing up was supposed to help her project that seems to have already been finished.

As a result of his mother’s message, Jackson has moved his half of the bedroom outside so he is no longer under DJ’s roof. Inside, Max and DJ watch Jackson outside and see that it has started to rain. They go outside with hot cocoa and rice krispy treats in an effort to get him to go back inside. Jackson refuses to budge and DJ comes over to him to talk. DJ guesses that Jackson likes Ramona and is trying to impress her. Jackson acknowledges that he has a crush on Ramona and DJ says not to change for a girl. This is one of the stronger elements of the episodes as parent-child special moments are a place where Fuller House (and Full House before it) always excels.

We then jump forward to picture day and Max comes down looking like, in DJ’s words, a Fox & Friends host and Jackson is back to his usual self. Rocki arrives to go to school with Max and sees he has reverted back. Max stands up for himself to Rocki and she is impressed. The duo then head to school.

In the kitchen later that day, Stephanie says she interviewed fifteen more potential surrogates and none were a good fit. DJ says she went to the doctor and would not work. However, she has found one for Stephanie nonetheless: Kimmy. Kimmy says she would happily be Stephanie’s surrogate and she and Stephanie (and the audience) tear up.

Overall, the episode succeeded with the Jackson plotline and Stephanie’s was humorous and heartfelt. Kimmy, Fernando, and Ramona’s plotline added nothing to the overall episode and was bogged down by arguable cultural insensitivity


“I ripped them up. Now they’re my back to cool jeans.”- Jackson

“You’re fifteen years old— why are you having a midlife crisis?” – Max

“I could get pregnant walking through a Chilis — and I have.”- Gia

“Is she pretty?”- Jackson on Marilyn Manson

“Did someone order womb service?”- Kimmy, revealing herself as a potential surrogate.

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