Fuller House Makes a Splash in Japan

Welcome to season 3b of Fuller House, everyone! The first half of season 3 debuted on Netflix on September 22 to mark the 30th anniversary of Full House and now the second half of the season has debuted. When season 3a ended, the gang was on a plane en route to Japan for Steve and CJ’s wedding. Steve switched seats with Kimmy on the plane and DJ revealed (thinking she was talking to Kimmy) she was going to pick Steve over Matt thinking that they were soul mates. Steve looked shocked as elsewhere in the plane Matt revealed he was planning to propose to DJ. Now, let’s get going on season 3b!

The episode’s opening, including the theme song and titles, is in Japanese which is a neat touch. The gang (Fernando, Kimmy, Ramona, DJ, Jackson, Max, Stephanie, Matt, and Steve) is departing the airport, meaning we were spared what was most likely a hilarious go-through at customs. DJ, being her typical mom self, insists that everyone has to hold hands crossing the street. Steve and Matt then both try to hold DJ’s hand, but she instead goes to hold her children’s hands and Steve and Matt hold each other’s hands. Steve is still trying to figure out what to do regarding DJ’s admission and is seeking advice which amounts to basically, talk to her.

Steve then meets up with his fianc√©, CJ, and is delightfully awkward around her as she asks about the plane trip. Young couple Rose and Max are also reunited and Rose desperately cannot wait to go Hello Kitty Land the next day. Max, on the other hand, does not want to go, but agrees to keep his lady happy. Back to the adults, Steve and CJ go to meet her mother and stepfather. Steve’s meeting with her stepfather, The Dragon, immediately goes off the rails with a butchered translation and a bowing sequence that goes a little too long.

Back to the wedding preparations, the kabuki dancers Kimmy hired for the wedding have not arrived from Tibet so Kimmy and Fernando fill in. The dance, which is then combined with disco, is uncomfortable (and an argument could be made for culturally insensitive) as even CJ acknowledges. However, CJ has an actual problem since her maid of honor did not show up because her passport expired. Although, a person who let their passport expire does not seem like the best candidate for a maid of honor position, but I digress. CJ reluctantly picks DJ to be the replacement and DJ struggles to give a toast to CJ before having a heartwarming finish. However, she then dedicates the toast to “Steve and DJ” which is a heckuva time for that kind of Freudian slip.

Matt then asks DJ to give him a head start before she heads up to the roof. Steve then goes after DJ as well in order to talk to her and watches as Matt proposes to her. DJ is clearly quite surprised at Matt’s proposal and takes awhile before saying yes. Steve sees that and leaves. Warning signs are quick for Matt and DJ as she declines to publicize their engagement (to not distract from the wedding she argues) and even says she should not wear the engagement ring. Steve is understandably dejected, but points out he is getting married the next day.

The next day, Rose, Max, and Fernando head to Hello Kitty Land. Rose and Fernando quickly find themselves enjoying it, but Max does not. The trio also get decked out in the gift shop and Rose says he appreciates what Max did and says she loves him. Elsewhere, Max and Ramona are in Harajuku and decide to go to a cat cafe mainly because Ramona wants to.

The she-wolves are back at the hotel helping CJ get dressed, but once the wedding dress is on she reveals she has to go to the bathroom. There are some quick jokes about the Japanese smart toilet but the dress gets caught in the toilet and the women get into a tug of war with the toilet. The toilet wins and flushes down CJ’s wedding dress as she begins to cry. Have no fear though, the she-wolves are here to save the day! They hatch a plan to get a kimono for CJ to wear and Stephanie distracts the bell captain as Kimmy (who apparently carries an electric screwdriver) steal the kimono from a glass case.

We then cut back to Ramona and Jackson who are still wandering the streets. A group of girls initially think Jackson is Justin Bieber and he says he is, but his dancing reveals the truth and they leave. Ramona begins complaining about Popko as he has already gotten three new girlfriends and she declares herself done with men. That is quickly shattered when she starts to cross the road and a man runs out to save her from the oncoming motorcycle. The two have an incredibly cheesy conversation and the dude (he does not reveal his name) tells her to meet him later. She agrees, willing to potentially miss the wedding, because she is convinced that dude is her soul mate.

The wedding preparations are all finished and DJ reveals to Stephanie and Kimmy that Matt proposed to her the previous night. Stephanie notes that DJ does not seem terribly excited. Kimmy then reveals what DJ told Steve on the plane, but DJ posits that since Steve did not confront her that means he does not love her. More incorrect DJ could not be.

We then jump back to Ramona and Jackson who are at a concert looking for Ramona’s new love. The band Sexy Zone (which is a real Japanese band) comes out and performs and Ramona spots him as one of the singers. He then calls her up and reveals his name to be Marius. We are then treated to a Sexy Zone plus Ramona performance.

Now it’s wedding time! There are traditional Japanese instruments and Steve and DJ are trading glances at each other. When it comes time for the rings, Matt easily pulls off the one ring, but DJ struggles with the other. Her pulling at it causes her to fling it and it lands in the nearby pond where Toshi, a 100 year old fish with over three million Instagram followers, swallows it. DJ goes off to get the ring back and Steve follows to help her. The computer generated nature of the fish as it flops over the falls is obvious and sure enough Steve and DJ follow suit and jump over the falls. The two note that DJ jumped to save Steve’s wedding and Steve jumped to save her. The two stare into each other’s eyes for several moments, stopping only because Stephanie speaks up and reminds them that there is a wedding going on.

Now back at the ceremony, Steve starts to struggle with his vows while glancing over at DJ and CJ realizes that Steve does not love her. Steve is apologetic, but CJ (after telling Rose to cover her eyes) punches him in the gut which all things considered is a kind response. Rose and CJ then head off to enjoy the honeymoon and Matt, definitely picking up the mood of the crowd, decides now is the perfect time to announce his engagement with DJ (he did technically wait until after the wedding). Not only that, Matt proposes that since the officiant is already there, they should just get married right then and there. DJ starts thinking of reasons why not and says they need to talk. Matt realizes what is happening and leaves.

Steve and DJ then finally get a chance to chat and Steve says he feels DJ is his soul mate as well. With that, it seems we finally have a conclusion to the Steve-DJ-Matt love triangle that has dominated the series.

Finally, the she-wolves walk the streets of Tokyo and Kimmy and Stephanie talk about how much they enjoyed the trip and wish to have something to remember it. The trio then decide to get matching she-wolves tattoos with their initials.

Overall, this was a strong start to the back half of the season with strong character pairings. It’ll be interesting to see how Marius and Ramona’s relationship continues and how Rose and Max’s relationship will be impacted by Steve and CJ’s split.


This will be a quick section where I mention some of the most best parts and one-liners of the episode.

Stephanie comments on people still milking things from thirty years ago. Points for self-awareness!

“I’ve been dying to go there since I found out about it yesterday”- Rose to Max about Hello Kitty Land.

“I paid a lot of money for your stepdaughter.”- Steve with an incorrect Japanese translation to The Dragon.

“By the way, I’m Canadian.”- Max to The Dragon in Japanese after The Dragon complains about Americans during the kabuki dance.

“If CJ asks where I am — just run away”- Steve to Kimmy.

“Are you hearing yourself?”- Max to Rose after she explains how Hello Kitty characters talk and how they are not kitties.

“Cats just go in there and have lunch?” – Jackson, not knowing what cat cafes are.

“Ramona. What does it mean?” – Marius
“Loud.” – Jackson
“Jackson!” – Ramona
“See.” – Jackson

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